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Life Expectations vs Reality

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

When I found I was going to be a mother, it was the happiest time of my life and also the scariest. I told everyone around me and made so many plans for my child and her future. Many people jump into full panic mode and stay there for a while, but not me. I am great at facing a problem, making a plan, and conquering the day. Many of you already know how this story is about to end. Yep! My beautiful baby daughter came, and all that planning went out of the window. I was so overwhelmed, so tired, and felt like a failure.

Many times we set a goal, have the best intentions, however, we drop the ball as soon as it gets hard. As soon as we feel those hunger pains we reach for that cookie, or as soon as we feel too tired we don’t go on that jog we planned. That’s because we set ourselves up for failure!

The key to planning is to set reasonable and attainable expectations of ourselves. To think that I was going to be this perfect mother and not struggle or for someone to think they will instantly start working out every day after not ever doing it is ridiculous. You have to set goals that are easily attainable, do them for a while and then add to them. That’s creating a HABIT!

Habits are the key to success. Once you have created a small habit like getting up at 6 am every day no matter what. In 2-3 weeks it will be easier to go for a walk at 6 am every day because getting out of bed is no longer a struggle. Once you’ve been walking every day for 2 weeks, it won’t be hard to pick up the speed and do a jog at that time because you’re already used to being out there walking.

Just like I wasn’t instantly the perfect mother, you will not reach any goal if it isn’t reasonable and you don’t take the time to build the HABIT first.

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